Florida or Biloxi,MS Nursing

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    After living all of my 59 years in Chicago,IL and working here for almost 40 years, we are thinking about moving to the Biloxi,MS area or to the Pensacola,Destin, FL area. Can anyone tell me about the availability of Nursing jobs in those two areas? I am Oncology certified & have worked mainly med-surg/onc floors; also did 10 years of Home Health, which I loved.For the last almost 30 years I did night shift, and then did the Home Health during the day.

    Can anyone tell me how the salaries are and how is the nursing shortage.

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  3. by   RN4NICU
    FL has a pretty solid reputation for needing nurses of all specialties in a bad way. They also have a solid reputation for not wanting to pay squat. They have yet to figure out that the two are related. I haven't heard much about MS, though.