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Memo from the desk of Your Friendly Neighborhood Sociopath: For some reason, in my world, there seems to be waves of emotion that hits in a near cyclic manner. And I am most certainly not referring to hormones or my own off... Read More

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    Love, love, love this.

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    You have no idea how badly I needed to hear these words. I thank you so very much!

    My mom was in hospital at Duke in NC for a week with DKA and profuse vomiting, and now refuses to check her glucose at home. I'm trying to get her straight while getting my books and whatnot together to start nursing school next month. (breathes) ... I just needed to hear this soooo badly because I feel like I'm doing my best and its just not good enough for anybody :\

    Thank you again!

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    I am glad that my babbling found a spot with you all. For your kind words, I remain humbled and tingly and struggling not to vomit rainbows of utter idiotic glee.

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