Fingertip pulse oximeters.

  1. Seems every IVAC clip-on ox probe I run across is either dying or dead (missing). Problem is, it's a purchase order item, so they don't get replaced. Been thinking about buying my own fingertip pulse ox, those little self-contained jobbies you can hang around your neck. I don't know how much time total I've wasted looking for a small box pulse ox or an IVAC with a working clip probe. Thinking about the BCI or Onyx 9500. Anyone have experience with these, and also with calibration? I don't figure the biomed shop would maintain it. TIA.
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  3. by   Antikigirl
    We have one of the finger clip ones that you can wear around your neck. So far so good, seems very accurate so far. But again, I work in assisted living and it was purchased by a resident that passed away (we had to take pulse ox q shift), and donated it to us. Calibration however, we haven't had it done yet and my DON says we will have it done q month as soon as she figures out who does it..LOL!

    But it is like I always say though...never forget to look and treat patients not the machine! I have had these things go nutty before and saw 99% on someone obviously hypoxic! We also joked around and did one on a smoker...who came up 99% while smoking (pulse ox reads the binding of hemoglobin...not what is bound ...can be CO or CO2, don't forget that...thank you RT's for that lesson).

    Now...advise time...I have a resident who always says or insists it needs to go on her thumb, but I get sometimes a 5% difference between thumb and index finger??? I was taught index finger...any preferences (my manual on the small one says index so I go with that...but took some serious conviencing for the resident and family [so basically I did and recorded both for sake of arguement]).
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    I would ask a RT at your hospital he/she may know the answers to your questions . Good luck
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    Quote from tamle
    I would ask a RT at your hospital
    Thanks! <slapping forehead>