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I work in pediatric oncology. I love my job and there are some days that are so happy. But Friday was particularly sad. A little 2 year old, Logan, has a cancer that will probably not be cured. ... Read More

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    How wonderful Logan, and his parent's have a nurse like you! I work in a telemetry unit where a majority of my patients are geri's. I have a lost a couple that I have become attached to. I am absolutely convinced that these people, and their families, are God's blessing to me. It is a comforting to be able to offer caring, dignifying, professional care. I like to believe it is why God called me to this profession. Keep up the good work!


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    Maggie, the world needs more nurses like you. When something sad happens in ER sudden death etc. I am deeply affected. i always say to myself the day I get hardened to the death of an individual young or old is the day I personally have to leave nursing. This young lad was soooooo lucky to have a compassionate and loving nurse such as you. I bet you hugged your little ones hard when you went home. Keep smiling. Deb.

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