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Hello All, Since this is the place we all reach out to when we need to vent, I am going to consider this my very first "on the job" vent thread. :D I've been working at what some people may... Read More

  1. by   xtxrn
    Quote from MystyqueOne

    I love the night shift, just not all crammed together like this!
    Did you sign up for working all weekends? (I used to prefer that so I'd know my schedule, and not have to worry about when to plan things- I also preferred to have all shifts in a row to have days off in a row). I also liked nights- I worked alcohol/drug rehab- though did that on days...but I know the drill....

    If not- this isn't fair. IMO, it's reasonable to asks your boss about the schedule - and seeing if things can be divided up a bit- but the trade off will be a major roller coaster with going back and forth between working nights- and your "life" during the day... always a trade off.
  2. by   Butterfliesnroses
    I recently changed jobs. The job I left I was working Thurs-Sun nights. At 1st it was nice being home all week. But then it got to be a drag working every single weekend. I was told upon getting hired that if I wanted every weekend off it could be worked out. When I asked for it was was given 1 weekend off a month. I was then offered a job closer to my house.

    I now work days. I absolutely love my new schedule! I never work 3 full days. Two weeks would look like this. Work Mon and Tues. Off wed and thurs. Work 12p-6p Fri, full day sat and sun. Off mon and tues. work wed, thurs, and 6a-12p on fri, off the weekend. Rinse and repeat. I love it! I get every other weekend off. I'm home at 6 and get the evening with my daughter and husband.
  3. by   Sewbusy~RN
    That's a ridiculous shift schedule, unless they are paying you a ginormous shift differential for working nights AND weekends! It is standard to work every other weekend, maybe less if you've got seniority/work part time or if the hospital has a weekend only staff (my hospital does and pays a very high shift differential for those who work all weekends) I work 12s, 3 a week. They rotate so generally it's 2 on 3 off, with 3 shifts in a row twice a month at the most.