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Many of us have probably had patient pass out on us at one time or another. Most of the time, patient is in bed and sits or stands, feels lightheaded, we quickly steady them and get them to the floor, chair or bed before they... Read More

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    Quote from NO50FRANNY
    The triage doors that lead inside, the gates to heaven, the doors I must get through and then, yes then, I will see a doctor. How will I get through those doors quickly, I am prepared to do anything?. Hmmm, I know, I will pretend to collapse. I recently triaged a patient who frequently presents to our department after a seizure, usually "witnessed" by his enabling partner. The intention is to obtain sedatives/hypnotics from the paramedics, or (hopefully) from a clinician who hasn't met him previously and he has quite the elaborate strategy for this purpose. Pt. suffered a few seizures post an MVA and subsequent aquired brain injury 8 yrs ago however 99% of the time he is faking and he will often wet himself just to be super convincing (pig). Usually the triage nurse sends him to acute, assuming that he can't mobilise as he comes with a wheelchair, and he spends his day in ED, wasting resources, being scanned, bled, assessed and once in a while getting what he's after. I am sure I've seen this guy stand before so, instead of positive re-enforcement, I ask the paramedics to put him in one of our wheelchairs and into the waiting room. Advised by paramedics that he might "seize" in the waiting room, and I tell them I'm happy to take my chances.

    So, approximately 15 minutes of waiting was enough for him so he slumps himself forward out of the chair, dramatically hits the WR floor and lays there pretending to be unresponsive. The fifty odd people people in the WR gasp, and I can hear the "oh no's" and whispers. So I walk casually out to where he is laying. I flick his eyelashes and he flinches (gotcha), "open your eyes mate", does not open eyes, flick eyelashes again, "open your eyes mate or I'll have to get a bucket of ice cold water". Patients and their family members in WR salivating as this unfolds. Slowly the pt. miraculously whimpers "don't you know that I have to be strapped in if I'm in a wheelchair?". My response: "So, you can articulate all of that but you can't open your eyes?". He then promptly stands up, screams "You ___ ___, strides out the front of the department, kicks the front doors and gets in a taxi. I got chocolates from the acute nurses for that one.
    Bahahahahahaha!! That is hilarious!! I can just imagine another pt or two in the waiting room plotting the same type of thing, and look at each other like "Do u think he/she will be my nurse too?"

    Now to wipe the coke off my laptop screen. I needed that laugh today - thank u!!

    Anne, RNC
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    I have fainted twice. Once was basic training and I was stupid. It was negative temps outside, so I didn't think I had to drink. WRONG. I knew I was gonna go, so I turned to the gal behind me, said "Move G, I'm gonna pass out, you can't catch me." the guy behind her said "What did you say" and BAM I was down. I remember waking up in the back of an ambulance with the 1SGT telling me "Its ok tiger, you are gonna be ok"...and all I could think was, "Is this man serious? I have to qualify tomorrow, get me OUT of here".

    Second time I was 5mo pregnant and my daughter was terribly sick (turned out to be Rota Virus) vomiting all day, she wasn't eating or drinking, so being mom, I didn't eat or drink either. Once we finally got her to the hospital (a long story) she had the worst smelling diarrhea and I knew I was gone...I remember slamming my head into the ground and waking up in the L&D section hooked to machines freaking out about my daughter. When I finally got back to her, the poor nurse was still shaking and told me that the doctors didn't know what to do, deal with my daughter or fix me, LOL.
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    I have passed out one time - in nursing school in the OR...and I knew it was coming, so I got to a wall and just slid down into a sitting position! The worst fainting episode I've ever heard was a patient who'd just been discharged and was at the discharge window. I was around the corner at the nurses' station and heard this sickening thud...the cashier said the patient's eyes had kind of rolled back, and then she just fell! Poor woman!
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    Always been the type to 'nearly faint' when having blood drawn. As soon as they pop the tourniquet, I'm close to going down; get hot and weak. Ugh.

    As to a time I actually passed out....I was in high school, and taking part in a program that ran with the local ambulance company. We did ride-alongs, and could do simple things like vitals on the patients. Picked up a guy once that had OD'd on something or another; went to the ER, and I got an offer to watch them put an NG tube down. I walked in with one of the medics on the truck, and watched as they got the tube ready and then started to put it in. Guy started gagging on the tube (of which I can't stand the sound of to this day) and I started to get hot, weak, felt the room starting to spin, and felt my knees slowly bending.

    I went down. Thankfully, the medic realized what was happening and caught me before my head hit the floor. I was only out for a few seconds, but when I woke, the doctor, nurses, and patient were staring at me. Of course, the story went around the station and before I knew it, I had 'supposedly' passed out on top of the patient. Yeah...it was a while before I could laugh about it when telling someone else the story.
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    Fainted a total of 4 times in my life and all but one was semi dramatic. The first time was 11th grade and I had absolutely horrible menstrual cramps. My mother had tried to get me to stay home but I had several tests that day so I figured I would get thru until the final test then get my dad to come get me. First class of the day was geometry. I sucked at this subject on my best days and having cramps made it nearly impossible to concentrate. Suddenly I felt hot, sweaty, then cold and everything got blurry. I vaguely remember saying I had to leave and tried to stand up when I tipped my chair back into the lap of the gorgeous guy sitting behind me and whacked his head with mine as I went out. I woke up a few seconds later with what appeared to be the entire school standing around me and my poor landing cushion crying because he thought I was dead! Is there any person on the planet that can feel more embarassed than a teenager? Especially a cramping girl who just gave a black eye to a teen hottie when she smacked him straight in the kisser with her skull?

    Second time was during graduation from basic training. Then DIs got us up at 4 AM and marched us for almost 4 hours without water, food or rest in Alabama in August. We're finally in formation waiting our turn to parade in front of the fort commanders station when I locked my knees. I go down and take another 5 gals with me in a human style domino collapse. I woke up being dragged by my arms off the parade field get my ass chewed for "making a scene" and staining my uniform with grass smears. I spent my graduation time cleaning my uniform and ironing it. I had to wobble over to the fort commander and salute, apologize and get another asschewing for making a scene. No mollycoddling from the US Army lol.
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    When I was about 5 months pregnant, I worked 1st shift at the nursing home. I must have forgotten to hydrate coz I was leaning on my medcart infront of a resident's room getting ready to pull their meds.
    All of a sudden, I start seeing stars, try to lean back on the wall but ended up going forward into the cart, which the wheels were unlocked. I ended up head/face first on the cart then the floor and my medcart ended up on the other side of the hall.
    The poor resident who had witnessed the whole thing started yelling for help and I woke up with my coworkers and several residents looking down at me.
    Lesson learned::::Always keep hydrated.
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    In 5th grade, I was the outsider who was always picked last and couldn't even catch a cold! I was playing kickball and I actually made it to 3rd base, which was a first. I had my chance to run to home and somewhere between 3rd and home I passed out. I remember stumbling and then waking up with my face on home plate. I was out long enough for the entire class to surround me! Everyone was worried and I got a free pass home from the school nurse that day.

    To this day, I still don't know if I made a point in the kickball game.
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    I've almost passed out once. I was in LPN school and went to see the morgue (field trip? lol). My grandfather had just died in another hospital. All I could think about was him being in a morgue. Then the smell got to me. I saw stars, the room started to spin, and my knees went weak. A fellow student nurse who was about a foot taller than me dragged me out of there and sat me down on the floor outside and got me a drink of water. I am so glad she helped me not pass out in the morgue!! Ew!
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    Of course I don't remember it, but unfortunately my only faint was immortalized on film. I was a senior in high school and on a summer Saturday band members had to stand in uniform for pictures on the football field. After about thirty minutes in the hot sun there I went toppling over backward. I hit the ground so hard you can see my hat fly up off my head about three feet. It is a very funny film to watch, but it was embarrassing at the time.
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