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I have failed the NCLEX RN 3 times and in my state that is the maximum unless you want to go back to school again for another 3 chances. I have a BSN and my question is, what other kind of job can... Read More

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    Apparently, I still can have another three attempts after a refresher or a test prep review. I'm trying Hurst this time as Kaplan clearly didn't get through to me. Sticking with the same life plan for now
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    Quote from Kidrn911
    You need to stop worrying and start studying, I really don't understand how any can fail it 3 times unless they have severe test anxiety or they have not prepared adequately.
    That was productive
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    Quote from squatmunkie_RN
    Take a Hurst Review. I did and passed NCLEX the 1st time with 75 questions. It was the best thing I could've done. Well worth the $$ I paid for it. Study the book cover to cover, answer a TON of questions. Make sure you always know which pt to round on 1st. Know all s/s of abnormal labs, and ABGs. (That's all that NCLEX asked me).

    TAKE A HURST REVIEW!! And go to another state for the exam.
    Me too. I did the online class 4 days before I took NCLEX. I didn't study with anything else. I agree it is worth the money.

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    Quote from Psteph
    That was productive

    also, just stop failing and pass the test.

    See some people are full of help. youre welcome!

    but seriously dont give up! The fourth time will be a victory and you will know better what to expect. I have no advice since im still in nursing school, but i hope you dont get discouraged and keep keepin on!
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    Take a refresher course and probably enroll in a NCLEX review course (I *kind of* went to some online classes offered by Kaplan.. they teach you about test-tasking strategies which for you, might need working on if you are failing the exam multiple times). But most of my review came from Saunders and the Nclex 3500. I passed the first time (and I'm foreign educated!) assess your test-taking strategies and content mastery to determine which one needs improving (could be both but hey, at least you gotta know where to start brushing up) I have known people who pass on their 3rd of 4th try because this time, they are more aware on how they attack the test. Good luck on your next try!
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    Quote from Silverdragon102

    There are a few states which only allow 3 attempts and after that 4th is usually after a recognised refresher course and if they fail that then have to retake nursing program
    Wauw, wauw, wauw lol. Never heard of that!

    Would you happen to know which other states do so? And could this count when trying to endorse to those states?
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    Closed thread per OP request as now has a revised game plan to take exam.
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