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I recently have and I'm still crushed as ever. :( For years I've wanted to be an RN in the military. I was recently accepted into a nursing program, so that half of the dream will be fulfilled while the military portion will... Read More

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    Wow, I didn't realize the military turned away celiac! It's diet controlled! You would think they would want someone based on other qualities!
    My mom has a friend who was turned away from being a NUN because of a heart murmur. Hilarious. These days no one wants to be a nun. Now this woman is a grandmother of many and I would never picture her any other way.

    I gave up a 2nd interview for a dream job once, and I am sad thinking about it. I was offered another job closer to home that wasn't as much of a "leap" (more what I was doing before). I think there is always time to go back to it later on though. I have 25 more years of nursing at least, right? Who knows, maybe the military will change the celiac policy in a few years.

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    My dream job was to be a PICU nurse, but I was ready to accept any acute care RN job that would bring me closer to this goal.

    I did everything I could do to make myself an attractive candidate. I graduated at the top of my class with a near-perfect GPA. I volunteered. I joined professional organizations. I took PALS and ACLS. I called every contact I could think of to let them know I was looking for a job. I sent out hundreds of applications. I watched my classmates get hired, one by one, but I was left out in the cold. After 6 months of unsuccessful job searching I decided to go back for my master's, as a pediatric NP.

    I don't mean to start a war over whether nurses should be able to become NP's with no hospital experience. It certainly wasnt' the position I wanted to be in, but the only other choice I had was to keep applying and keep hoping, and I just was not able to keep it up anymore. So I went back to school, finished my master's, and I'm now working as a pediatric NP in a specialty clinic.

    Do I feel the lack of acute care experience? You bet. I still feel insecure about what I'd do if anything terrible should occur during my watch. My assessment skills are still spotty. Almost all my clinical rotations were in outpatient clinics, so I have very little experience with children who are acutely ill. I don't have a firm grip on what MIGHT happen if I don't manage the case properly on the outpatient level. I know it by the book, but I have not seen it with my eyes. If I could turn the clock back, I would get the acute care/PICU experience first. But then again, that wasn't the option I was given. It wasn't a choice of, be a PICU nurse or go back and get your master's. It wasn't even a choice between being a PICU nurse or some other inpatient RN job. It was, be a struggling unemployed new grad or go back get your master's.

    So, yes, I did and still do have trouble coping with the fact that my dream was denied to me. At this point I don't see a way to get the acute care experience I feel I'm lacking. I tried applying to RN jobs after getting my masters... still no luck. A new grad NP with no acute experience is still a new grad, as far as the hospitals are concerned. I was lucky enough to find a job working for an MD who was able to look past my lack of experience and appreciated what I do bring to the table -- my education, intelligence and ability to interact effectively with children and their families.
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    That makes me quite mad as I have celiac

    Do they refuse people who are lactose Intolerant or that are allergic to peanuts? Seems so stupid that a food allergy would keep you from being allowed to serve your country!

    I only wish our military had so many people they could turn away someone who can't eat gluten hahaha the USA should be proud people want to serve their country.

    I liked the idea of being the best nurse ever and work at a VA hospital

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