Esophageal Temperature Probes

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    Hi All,

    My hospital is getting ready to implement therapeutic hypothermia and I was wondering if anyone has good educational resources re: esophageal temperature probe placement. Our OR utilizes a Level 1 Acoustascope Esophageal Stethoscope with a temperature sensor on the end of it, but no one seems to know of a good way to ensure proper placement. Any suggestions are appreciated!

    Rosella, RN

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    Interesting. We inserted temp probe foleys in the ED when we started therapeutic hypothermia.
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    We are verifying placement with Xray, and try to put the temp probe in immediately after intubation and before the Xray. Otherwise confirmation of palcement waits for the next CXR.
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    We verify with X-ray as soon as possible.
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    xray verification in our neonates though with our older kids we now use rectal probes
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    Thank you all for your posts -- They helped me tremendously!

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