1. How is Antitetanus serum(ATS) prepared for sensitivity test?
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Is this a homework question?

    This is not something nurses would know in general. It depends on what you mean by 'prepared'. Do you want to know how it is manufactured? How much is drawn up into a syringe and what size needle is used?

    And why is this such an emergency?
  4. by   Abednego
    Actually I'm new here and I don't really understand the what the title is about, hence I decided to type anything and 'Emergency' came in mind.

    Back to my question....
    I know some people react to ATS. Hence, its advisable to always give a test dose before administering the full dose. I want to know if the test dose is drawn from the given dose to be administered. And also, if the test dose is diluted with sodium chloride. If yes, how is it done?
    I don't mean how ATS is manufactured.
    I hope my question is clear now.
    And thanks for the attempt to help me.
  5. by   KatieMI
    Antitetanus equine serum (antitoxin for passive postexposure prophylaxis) is not used in developed world since at least 1970th and not available in the USA for the last 40 years. Human tetanus globulin is used instead, and it doesn't requite sophisticated allergy prophylaxis protocol.

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