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  1. 0 I was just reading a previous thread on the trend of employers refusing to hire smokers. I wanted to see some responses concerning the new E-Cigs and how non-smokers feel about them.

    For those that don't know what they are: An E-Cig uses water vapor as its nicotine delivery system. Since water is (usually) odorless and colorless, there are no harmful effects to non-smokers in the way of smell, secondhand smoke, etc. E-Cigs can be smoked in a facility break room (or even bathroom) which would essentially eliminate the need for extra breaks, complaints of odor, triggers for asthmatics, etc.

    Weigh in......
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    They smell bad with all the different flavors- too strong. Plus, nobody wants "vapor" blown in their face.

    They are banned in my hospital.
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    This is going to be dependent on facility. Many facilities say they are "tobacco free" but enforce as nicotine free on campus. E-cigs were specifically mentioned in my last employee orientation as a violation of policy even if they are nicotine free. I've never worked for a facility that explicitly refused to hire smokers but they have had a policy of no smoking during your shift (including your breaks). I, personally, would have no problem with them but I think it would be very unprofessional to see them used outside of a break room. I think it's a great compromise to prevent second hand smoke issues.
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    I think it's a great stepping stone for people trying to quite to use to transition from smoked cigarettes to a nicotine free life. I don't think they should be viewed as a risk free permenate option as the long term risks are still unclear. They are also banned at my facility, but I suspect in the bathroom no one would know.
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    People use these in the break room at my current job. Totally non-offensive to me (I am very sensitive to cigarette smoke). I have noticed no odour and am happy for my coworkers who are succeeding at quitting!