Educating the public about nursing, how do we do it? - page 2

I have a question that I am sure many can help with. Many hands make light work. It is clear that the public and legislators both need to understand what it is that professional nurses do. What they understand it that we pass... Read More

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    I swear to God Nurse110, that is a record! One nurse for 118 patients? I thought Michigans requirements were crap. But we at least get two nurses for that many. My hat is off to you, because I would not do this. God forbid that something goes wrong, like the patient who gets out of bed with no clothes on falls and busts their head!
    And Craig, this is the stuff that needs to go to Oprah, if one is going to write. A very detailed letter with just one thing you are responsible for. If we are going to adequately educate the public we have to do it in so they understand. So take a shot at it Craig and send it to her. Who knows, something good may come out of it.

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