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I have a question: I started out with an ingrown toenail that turned into a nasty abcess. The foot doctor cultured it and found Staph and E-coli in my toe infection. How did E-coli get in there? Doesn't that come from feces? Yuk!... Read More

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    WOW! I didn't expect so many people to respond. That statement of me kicking someone in the *ss made me laugh so hard. No, I don't think I did that. However, now thinking about it. I have taken lots and lots of baths to help soak my toe at the beginning. Plus we have a brand new bathtub that is huge and has jets everywhere. Who can resist? I take one almost everynight. Maybe from now on I should hang my foot outside of the tub.

    No, I never stepped on any raw meat, or even walked outside in the dirt (kinda impossible since we have snow). But I think you guys are right, I think the bathing caused the E-coli infection. Man those infections smell really really bad!! Sorry if that grossed you out but its really bad.

    Anyways, I love this site and have been telling everyone about it. Including all the nurses at the hospital that do my infusion treatments twice a week. Thanks again.. Curleysue

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