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You wouldn't believe the number of cases that I've been seeing recently. I'm really getting sick and tired of how helpless people become/act/think they are just because they are in the hospital. Call bell rings non stop - and... Read More

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    Yes, it is interesting how many people suddenly can't walk once they've walked into the ED lobby. It's like there's a magical force field in place that causes lower extremity paralysis upon crossing the threshold.

    This force field also causes acute vision loss, where walkie-talkies or family members cannot see the styrofoam drinking cups and the sink, or the kleenex right on the counter, or the emesis bags mounted on the wall. Instead, they come out into the hallway and pick anyone in a set of scrubs, preferably the busiest looking one, to ask them for these things.
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    Some days I think gravity is just stronger than other days!
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