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Dreaming about work - page 2

I had one of those completely bizarre, abstract dreams last night but during it's course, I woke up and it was very clear to me that it was about work. I was working at a hospital (not my... Read More

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    After my first IUFD that was a vaginal breech delivery. I had a recurrent nightmare that I was attending a breech delievry and the baby's head kept ripping of the body! It was very unnerving. I had the dream 2-3x a week for about a month. Haven't had it again and I am greatful.
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    I dream about work almost every night. My latest involved walking into a code and initiating compressions, all while hollering out for help. No one shows up, and I'm in there busting ass, doing CPR. Finally I quit and come out to the hall and everyone is giggling and tells me that the patient had a pulse the entire time, and I just forgot to check. It was jacked up

    Anything is better than the dreams I was having after my first pediatric code and death a few weeks ago. It took forever to wipe that out of my head.
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    All interesting responses, thanks guys. Sometimes I wish I knew something about dream interpretation --- would be interesting to know what all this is about, besides the repressed anxiety that seems to be a common theme.