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I looked up at the doctor across the crib who is still hovering over him and checking his ventilator and trachea. Wildly he flailed as the doctor touched his abdomen. I tried to calm him by holding... Read More

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    I is also a real issue with the elderly.

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    Quote from BigRussKCMO
    God is perfect and does not and has not made mistakes. The problem is people are blinded by what is in front of them to see Gods true beauty. Humans are vain looking for there own best interest without a pause to think should I do this and what repurcussions will it bring. The original post said the mom had 8 other children. When is enough enough. Now who suffers. The baby.

    If God were perfect, then why allow a woman with 8 babies to have more? Why allow the babies to suffer? Why allow people to be so vain that it causes pollution and suffering. Why make us the way we are?
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    Quote from spenmom
    Thank you so much for sharing.. It is so hard to see children in situations that look like there will be no happy ending. But, despite our best prognostications, they can and do exceed our expectations. Therefore, I totally understand this mother's refusal for a DNR. This is her child, and only she has that connection/bond which will allow the child to grow and develop (once out of the hospital) in ways that he otherwise wouldn't be able to. With children, I believe they all deserve a chance. I have seen too many (including my own child) exceed expectations to the point that physicians had no answers, were speechless, and so I believe that no, God does not make mistakes. There is suffering, but it is for a reason (not that we always understand), and with that suffering, both on the part of the mother and the child, comes a bond which is incredibly strong and incredibly special. Until you see it, like you did, you truly don't begin to understand it.

    Thank you again for sharing such a personal story! Maybe someday, somehow all this will make sense. That is the only thought that keeps me sane sometimes...
    :heartbeatThank you for helping me put this in the proper perspective. My heart hurt so much. When babies and kids are involved, since they are the innocent ones in any scene or it is really up to us to help them and to love them so much unconditionally .
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    WOW,, thank you for sharing this story, GOD didn't make a mistake.
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    Thank you for writing this beautiful love story. I once heard someone say that a mother's love is the closest thing there is to God's love, and I truly believe it.
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    Quote from nurse_maya28
    I don't think god makes mistakes, but i do think humans do, they may mean well, but a mistake is still a mistake. In this case i think the humans involved messed with god's plan by intervening so much, but of course once that slippery slope is begun one can't stop it. I could never inflict this kind of torture on my child, i would have to let the poor baby go home to his maker where he/she belongs. keeping a child here for the occational smile is about the family, not about the child. Seems pretty darn selfish of the family, to me - i could never keep a child shackled to this earth in pain 90% of the time, for my selfish emotional needs. I am reminded of a poem we have here at work:
    The Tiny Rosebud

    The Master Gardener
    From heaven above
    Planted a seed
    In the garden of love.
    And from it there grew
    A rosebud small
    That never had time
    To open at all

    For God in His perfect
    And all-wise way
    Chose this rose
    For His heavenly Bouquet.
    And great was the joy
    Of this tiny rose
    To be the one our Father
    chose to leave Eath's garden
    For one on high
    Where roses bloom always
    And never die
    Beautiful poem. It puts me in mind of the song, "The Master's Bouquet." One of three songs I chose for my funeral.
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    "If God were perfect, then why allow a woman with 8 babies to have more? Why allow the babies to suffer? Why allow people to be so vain that it causes pollution and suffering. Why make us the way we are?"

    Since I believe in the Bible, and the Bible says God is perfect-I believe it-without any doubt. You asked why does God 'allow' babies to suffer, people to be so vain. . .etc. . . and my answer is found on the Bible-(to which, I believe what the Bible says), which God gave us the 'Free Will". Finally-we choose to be who we are and how we act or react to situations, I believe we shape ourselves with the help of God, or those that do not believe in God, they shape themselves in their own 'belief'. Anyhow, I don't want my answer to be taken-rude-was not meant that way, just wanted to answer the questions you had on your post.
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    [quote=Agrippa;3747880]This was well written and touching.

    As someone mentioned before, this does presume the existence of God. To me, it seems as if the issues you faced in this experience is one that has been questioned from the beginning of christian thought.

    How can a just, all loving, all powerful God allow such suffering? How can he let bad things happen to good people & vice versa? This is a question that I struggle with almost daily.
    tquote]I believe God does allow these things to happen to teach us things. For instance: Where would we be in healthcare today if not for people who are born with disabilities? We have come very far in healthcare, due to babies being born with heart defects, children with cancer, people born with chromosomal defects, birth defects of all kinds, and autoimmune diseases as well.
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    Quote from amateur
    i think that God gives us these 'challenges' and its up to us to react from it. so its our fault if we commit mistakes and not Him, if we do the right one then we should be congratulated... if no one will, its easy ---- flex the elbow of your right hand... then hold that elbow with your left hand and then tap your own left shoulder. there you will feel better, PROMISE. i do it all the time.
    Love it!
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    agrippa asked: "how can a just, all loving, all powerful god allow such suffering? how can he let bad things happen to good people & vice versa? this is a question that i struggle with almost daily."

    we all struggle with it, agrippa. our entire lives are struggles, from the day we are born (without knowing why we were born) to the day we die (without knowing why we must die.) and between those two moments, we wonder, "why am i here? would it matter if i wasn't?"

    the fact that we ask questions that we cannot answer is not evidence for or against the existence of god, it is merely a revelation of what it means to be human.

    agrippa, you presented us with a very thoughtful question, one that deserves a sincere response. may i attempt to offer you a response? as with your question, i cannot give you a pat answer to the question that i pose, but i have found it helpful to wrestle with it, and perhaps you will too:

    in light of how cruelly we treat each other, how casually we ignore the needy, how cavalierly we take for granted the gift of life that we enjoy for so short a time, how can a just god allow us the pleasures, comforts, companionship, and satisfactions of the life that he has given us, and that we so often take for granted and enjoy without showing any gratitude?

    i am not a very smart man, and i am certainly not a good man, so my answer to the question will be no more valuable than anyone else’s. however, it helps me to remember that, every day of my life, i enjoy more and better than i deserve, and that if an all-powerful god did deal out justice this afternoon, i would be found worthy of punishment, just like those "other" people that i too easily look down my nose at (i say it to my shame, but it is true whether i admit it or not).

    he is there, and he is good. so good that he suffers our disrespect, and forgives our ignoring him and disobeying him for the sake of jesus christ his son.
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