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I'm curious to know how much overtime you work per pay period (two weeks)? How much overtime is spent completing charting? Are you able to sign up for extra shifts? If so, how does your hospital /... Read More

  1. by   tntrn
    After providing good patient care, my number one goal when I set foot on my unit is to leave on time. Rarely do I have to stay over to chart, which IS overtime: if you are unable to do it during your shift it should be paid at OT rates. As a per diem nurse, they don't want to give me OT for late notice shifts, and therefore I rarely agree to work them. There's a way to make it happen, administration is just too busy concentrating on their bottom line, which has enabled their stock prices to double in the past 8 months or so.

    If they don't see that it can be a win-win situation, then I don't need to be there. I have a very full life outside of work and refuse to work, even when they are "desperate" at straight time, unless I was scheduled to be there.
  2. by   NurseCard
    At my hospital, working an hour or two past your shift isn't paid as overtime either. Neither is staying over after a scheduled shift is over. Overtime at my hospital is defined as any hours worked past 40.

    Now, a supervisor WILL offer premium pay for an extra shift usually, but we don't get it AUTOMATICALLY.
  3. by   grimmy
    [font=book antiqua]when i saw the title of this thread, i thought: "is that some sort of joke?" yes...only yesterday i worked for 15 hours straight, and it had nothing to do with charting. several ors were still running at 5:30, and there was simply no relief in sight. i was scrubbed in doing a chest wall resection, and that was that. yes, i get paid handsomely, but no amount of money in the world will make sure i get home safely, and ensure that my joints aren't aching like mad when i get home.
    the counter to all that are the days when i get sent home early because cases have been cancelled, pts are too sick for surgery, etc. they're rare, but those days do happen, too.
  4. by   pinoyrn
    as little as possible. if asked to stay and finish my case, then I stay, but only if I like the surgeons. I usually stay and finish neurosurgery cases.
  5. by   MDSlady
    I just had to reply to THIS!!! I am an LPN in my facility and about 2 months ago got promoted to MDS Coordinator. I work Monday-Friday 7-3 in my office, but with the condition that if a nurse calls out they have the right to pull me out of my office to take the floor. This happens about once a month. I frequently also get asked to work doubles and pick up a floor on 3-11. I also am "on-call" every 5th weekend. And without a doubt, I had to work 7-3 both Saturday and Sunday. I'M EXHAUSTED!!!!!

    I feel the RN's in the office don't want to do a floor, (no, they are afraid to do a floor!!!). I don't think any of them have passed meds in years.

    I feel lately, because I'm an LPN they are abusing this and still use me to do all the on hands patient care, but I love when we are in report and they sit there and say that the floor nurses are not doing their job. It kills me. I see both sides of it. It's not easy to be a floor nurse on a sub-acute unit by yourself /c 30 patients. Or any long-term floor at that.

    I guess, my biggest problem is that I feel that I can't say no. I guess I'm just going to have to try like everybody else does. But then, I feel sorry for my patients who end up having agency nurses that they don't know. It throws them all off.

    So, yes I do alot of overtime. I haven't had a day off in 9 days. It's really starting to get to me. (Think I'll leave work tomorrow early!!!)