Do I sound like a terrible nursing assistant?? Do I sound like a terrible nursing assistant?? - pg.2 | allnurses

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Do I sound like a terrible nursing assistant?? - page 2

I am a nursing assistant from the float department. I got floated today to work on the floor for one of the units because their NA called out sick. Everything was going well until I sat down to... Read More

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    I'm not 100% on your employer's policies, but a pain assessment can be done by all members of the health care system. I encourage the psws/aids to chart pain assessments, because I chart my own as well (RPN not RN) and the RN can chart their assessment as well. I've seen Dr's chart assessments - would they treat that nurse like they were below them about a pain assessment? Probably not lol

    I'm sorry you were treated so poorly. That nurse should be spoken to - and I would encourage talking to the supervisory team about it. I'm disgusted to hear she was training when she acted like that - it just encouraged more bad habits and attitude to spread. Nursing can be so dramamtic at times. Team work, not attack your team.