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I am a nursing assistant from the float department. I got floated today to work on the floor for one of the units because their NA called out sick. Everything was going well until I sat down to... Read More

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    I would be kissing your feet if you were my assistant. You are only one person and can only do so much. So do your best and let the rest go for there will be another day.
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    It sounds like you did wonderfully with what you had to work with. 9 FSBS while trying to get vitals and I&O and having to feed is outrageous!

    On our unit bed alarms are everyone's responsibility. So you shouldn't be expected to leave another pt to tend to the alarm.

    We do total care and confused pts on night shift If possible.

    Seems that the "bad" assignment was handed to you and you did everything possible with what you had to work with.

    You can come work with me!
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    I think the hard thing about working in the float pool is that every floor has their own culture and their own way of doing things. CNAs may do something on one unit (maybe the unit you spend most of your time on or that you trained on) but a different way on another unit. The nurses had no right to be rude to you, but I wouldn't get into an argument over it. If on their floor, CNAs are not supposed to chart a pain assessment, you can always just say something like "I didn't realize that's how you did things on this floor."
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    I'm not 100% on your employer's policies, but a pain assessment can be done by all members of the health care system. I encourage the psws/aids to chart pain assessments, because I chart my own as well (RPN not RN) and the RN can chart their assessment as well. I've seen Dr's chart assessments - would they treat that nurse like they were below them about a pain assessment? Probably not lol

    I'm sorry you were treated so poorly. That nurse should be spoken to - and I would encourage talking to the supervisory team about it. I'm disgusted to hear she was training when she acted like that - it just encouraged more bad habits and attitude to spread. Nursing can be so dramamtic at times. Team work, not attack your team.

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