do i need to make cover letters for job fairs? do i need to make cover letters for job fairs? | allnurses

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do i need to make cover letters for job fairs?

  1. 0 I am preparing for a job fair and I know I should make lots and lots of resume. But I am not sure if I have to make cover letters to accompany it. If yes, where should I address it? Will it be something like "To whom it may concern:"?

    And also, I am confused on what I will put on my objective. Any help? By the way, I am a new grad. Finding a job is really stressing me out. Thanks a lot!
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    Sometimes the advertisements for job fairs will list the participating companies. If you find out ahead of time which employers will be there, then prepare a cover letter addressed to that particular company utilizing info specific to your application to that employer, as you normally would. Otherwise, I would not waste my time with a generic cover letter for a job fair. The last several resume pointer articles that I've read recently say don't use objective.
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    A cover letter makes a nice compliment to your resume. I'm also a new grad and I have a landed 4 interviews in 3 weeks due to my cover letter and resume. The two of them combined leaves the hiring manager with a better overall estimation of your qualifications.