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After toiling away for 2 years at prereq's I finally received the letter..."Congratulations! I am please to offer you admission...". However, my elation was short lived after reading over their information packet which includes a... Read More

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    I would like to thank you for your service to our country. I to suffer from depression and anxiety. I was totally upfront with the nursing program from the minute I was accepted. My D.O.N told me if they held taking an antidepressant against nurses there would not be any nurses out there. :spin: I say tell the truth. Good luck and congrads.

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    My first question is...If depression has nothing to do with their decision, why would they ask that question anyway.
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    I would be upfront about it.

    I had severe postpartum depression, was on meds for a year, spent a year med-free and now it has reared its ugly head again. So, guess what?? I'm on Zoloft, and like Suesquatch, am very open about it.

    One of the best nurses I work with is bipolar and has been for a while. She will tell you this up front as well.

    They may not ask any questions about it at all. If they do, and you can prove that your depression (or any other mental illness) is stable on treatment and that you are compliant with said treatment, you should not have any problem. A letter from your treating MD should be enough. I do wish you the best.
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    Quote from Suesquatch
    I disclose it and my Lexapro to anyone who askes. Including complete strangers, like youse guys.
    Ditto, and I disclose my Wellbutrin. Depression is a treatable, sometimes curable, medical condition. As an earlier poster said, many of the folks I work with are in the same boat. I don't know if it is the work that causes/exacerbates the depression, or if our education and insight make us reach out for help in dealing with it.
    Any road, I'd be up front with any prospective employer if is asked on their app. After all, you are protected under the ADA. They can't discriminate just because of a medical condition, if you are otherwise qualified and fit for the job.
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    It should not be an issue. I take Zoloft and Ativan, in fact almost half of my class has been put on meds for depression and/or anxiety since they started nursing school, its extremely common. I would just be up front with them about it. Being depressed wont get you in trouble, being caught in a lie will!
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    Personally, I won't put my signature on anything but the truth, whether or not I can get caught. Makes life simple and I sleep well.

    But if that's not your deal, here's their deal. Read your NPA carefully. You will probably find that your license may be revoked for statements of untruth (omission included). And you will probably find that your school records including your application are to be preserved forever, presumably for the BoN's future reference.

    Now there is a definite possibility you will be sued some time in your life, right or wrong. And the complainant's lawyers will dig up everything there is to dig up on you.

    Think you're worried now?
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    Geez, Louise, life is too, too complex these days. Carry me back to old Virginny...la la la. Big Brother is just absolutely too big.

    I do not comprehend why a person who is functioning well should be forced to tell his or her private, personal facts. I just don't see this.

    But you all do make some strong points about non-disclosure coming back to bite you in the butt.
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    I would disclose it, I think they are concerned about liability involving you as a student nurse at clinicals working with patients. I think depression that is controlled with counseling (it seems from that thread you linked you don't need meds anymore?) is not anything they would be concerned about. I'm one of many nurses who was on an antidepressant thru most of nursing school and the start of my nursing career. Couldn't have made it without it!
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    If all of the nurses who have depression/anxiety/take depression meds were fired, more than half of us would be without jobs. Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance- it is a medical condition, is many times hereditary, & not something that people choose not to have or can just "snap out of." If you are fired from a job or kicked out of school because of depression (as long as it is being treated & you are mentally stable), that would be grounds for a lawsuit. Would they fire someone for being diabetic or having thyroid problems (also chemical imbalances)? Depression is no different.
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    Good point - i too do suffer from chronic depression. I was able to be off medications for 4 months, but unfortunately through no help from my clinical instructor, i am back on Prozac. But i dont recall any question of that nature being on my application for nursing school, only questions in medical relating to me being able to do the job.

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