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Deviated Tongue

  1. 0 Have you ever seen anyone with deviated tongue that showed no signs of stroke, scans negative and no tremors? Lots of unilateral neck and head pain.

    Have you seen anyone who had deviated tongue that came out of it, back to normal again?

    While tongue is in mouth, it deviates to left. While tongue is out of mouth, it deviates to the right.


    Dopplers ok, MRI ok, CATs ok, grips strong, pupils equal and reactive, blood work ok.
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    Some kind of nerve palsy???????
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    maybe Bell's Palsy?
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    I have a deviated tongue. The doctors noticed it when I was 11 or so and they are not sure whether it came from my forcep delivery or a car acceident when I was 10 and had hit my head. Mine also quivers on one side. A neurologist just chalked it up to a damaged nerve in my neck. It doesn't really bother me, my tongue feels thick though.
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    can also be a sign of ms