Decisions... which one should I pick? Decisions... which one should I pick? | allnurses

Decisions... which one should I pick?

  1. 0 I never thought I would be in this position but after months of being unemployed and searching, I now have two job offers! One is a school nurse and the other is a office nurse position (nephrology). I have only about 10 months of nursing experience in an orthopedic clinic. No real floor experience. Which one would be a better opportunity?
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    If both are equal in interest to you,I'd suggest you look at differences in salary,benefits,and commute time. Good luck!
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    why are you leaving the clinic job you have? i think school nursing would offer something 'different' from what you have been doing.....but i would go with your interest.
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    Omg, I REALLY would love to work as a school nurse so I would choose that!! The benefits are amazing. I don't have any interest in nephrology either. How far do you have to travel, is there much of a pay difference?
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    Quote from ijuanabhappy

    Which one would be a better opportunity?

    Completely depends where you want to end up.

    School nurses are around students and teachers all day.

    Office nurses will likely be interacting with physicians, clinical staff & office staff, medical reps, etc
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    I was looking over benefits for the school position. I cannot believe that it costs $1,000 a month to cover employee plus family on medical insurance!! Is this how it is everywhere else??