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Hi everyone, :) First a disclaimer: I'm just a volunteer (& nursing student) - not yet a nurse. And I don't mean "delusional" in a rude way - just in a clincal way. As a volunteer in the ED, I... Read More

  1. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from Jules A
    Has this been a while ago, Leslie? Unfortunately what is considered therapeutic seems to vary depending on what theory is in favor at that time. I believe there is room for both reality orientation as well as being supportive of some delusions in the interest of soothing an agitated patient. Depends on the situation and the patient, imo.
    yes jules, this happened in the mid 90's.
    everything was taught to be reality-based...
    which i (still) believe, can result in scaring/agitating some of the psych population.
    and definitely agree that it always depends on the situation and pt.
    i don't want anyone getting the impression i do this with all psych pts.

    Quote from dolcebellaluna
    I think it's important to validate the patient's feelings and agree with your behavior. I think as long as it doesn't increase agitation or put the patients or nursing staff at safety risk, it's worth trying.
    let's face it:
    there are pts who are truly beyond healing.
    and 'their' world is much safer than the real one.
    sometimes i try to reinforce that.

  2. by   hearts895, RN BSN
    Thank you for your advice everyone. I really appreciate hearing from nurses who have more experience with these sorts of things. In the future I think I will approach patients at first with a polite, yet low key attitude and then depending on what they seem like, take it from there. If they seem like someone who could use a cheery presence to brighten their day, then I'll be that person, but if they seem like someone with 'issues' I'll keep a friendly, yet no nonsense demeanor. And thanks for the advice about not taking it personal - I have to admit I felt a bit unnerved for the rest of the day. I know I better get my "sea legs" if I want to be an ER nurse lol