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6:30 a.m. I wake up, roll over, and look at alarm clock. There is absolutely no reason to be up this early, but sleeping habits have always been rough for me. I had the dream again where Iím at my graduation ceremony. It... Read More

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    So very pleased for you!! Congrats!! & I know its been noted by others, but you really are a good writer, keep it on the back burner? Now, if it will only start to improve by the time I graduate in December...thank you for giving us seniors hope! Wishing you all the best & keep us posted

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    I work for Mollins there are no no no hours available. I do not know who they are staffing with but no one I know got any shifts. The volunteer method is how I found a job. And expect it to be awhile months volunteering not days but it does help.
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    Thanks for the humor in the midst of a terrible situation for many of us.
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    Re: A Day In the Life of a New GradMy two cents: It might make a difference...if...one day, you break your routine, dress professionally, resume in hand, and GO to the hospitals. Since HR is getting alot of applications from new grads, showing your face should make a difference as opposed to leaving a voice mail. It did for me. Hope it helps.

    p.s also consider when the new grad programs start.

    That is how I got my job. Also, be very, very, persistent. Follow up calls are key, starting the day after you apply (I always ask to speak directly to the DNS, if it's an LTC, or you can ask to speak to the nurse recruiter, or HR.) If I meet someone in person during a visit or have an interview, I send a handwritten note thanking them for their time the next day..... Good luck everyone! Don't lose hope, I know EXACTLY how you feel.
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    I'm sorry, but you've been dupped. Nursing school are a business and make money when you pay them. They don't care what happens to you when you graduate. My advice is to continue your education towards something else. If you ever do get that nursing job - the work environment has gone down hill. You'd be happier doing something else - just advice...
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    This is such a sad yet realistic description of the life of us new grads. I truly hope it gets better for everyone because it's slowly driving me insane
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    Don't let it drive you insane. Accept the fact there are no jobs.... Keep moving in the direction of a career. The same thing happened with the dot.com workforce. Everyone went to school for computers, then they had too many people wanting the few jobs left. They had to go back to waiting tables.... The nursing market has been flooded. I know people don't want to believe it, but it is true. Don't keep wishing it will get better. It is actually even going to get worse before it gets any better. The nursing schools should be out of business at this point. Start back up again in 5 years and give some of these new nurses a chance to find a job. Otherwise, you will have more new grads every 6 months competing for the new grad jobs, like you. And..... after a period of time, you are not considered a new grad anymore. It actually makes you look bad because you didn't work. KEEP GOING TO SCHOOL. Pick something you enjoy.
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    i think you are so right about that any experiences is good after reading this my spirit was raised... so i guess ill be getting some volunteering job in progress.

    thank you :P
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    E Non IMUS: Loved your blog..very witty, very bright..probably would have been a great lawyer-but I respect the path you chose and hate how you are suffering...I was with you the whole entire time..I am currently a nursing student as well and have many dreams...one being to help people maybe here maybe internationally...but always and foremost to bring glory to God...maybe the one thing you haven't done is check your beliefs...you said it yourself you felt dirty for lying...I believe this was your ultimate test question not from the interviewer but from God himself..and well..your just not ready...your beliefs are delivering just what you have currently-no hope..no way out..I am not here to hurt you or make you angry..I truly believe you have something special...and nursing is a special job..its not for the money-making agenda that some people are after in this economy...the economy may never change or may just get worse-only God can deliver miracles in this hopeless life...no matter the economy God can open the doors...he isn't dead or imaginary..he is real..I pray you encounter him soon enough and are blessed and happy! XOXOXOX Jesus loves you brother...

    P.S. what about being a Paramedic R.N. you can do that air rescue...its awesome stuff...it specialize you a little bit more...just a thought, something I've always been interested in.
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