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6:30 a.m. I wake up, roll over, and look at alarm clock. There is absolutely no reason to be up this early, but sleeping habits have always been rough for me. I had the dream again where Iím at my graduation ceremony. It... Read More

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    Hi. This is my last post because I don't want to upset anyone, and it is upsetting for me. I actually don't even log in until I receive e-mails and curiousity gets the best of me. I really wish you all could find jobs. I think the media should get the news out that there isn't a nursing shortage so students are no longer misled into thinking they are pretty much guaranteed a great job. I'm at work today and having a great day actually. It varies... If word got out, then only students who really wanted to be nurses would go to nursing school and there wouldn't be such a shortage of jobs that is appearing now.

    Good luck all.

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    Cosmic, I'm sorry that I made you feel bad. As a new grad who has found the same difficulties as the orig post, focusing on fnding a job is all I can do for now. I went through all this trouble changing careers so that I could become a part of the "good fight", doing work that makes a difference in ppls lives, not just line pockets. The percieved job security was an added bonus. I used to be in a field that I hated because I felt that I was wasting my energy doing work that had no point other than makimg money. There was no personal reward, I was miserable every minute I was there and as a result it made me miserable even when I wasnt there. After that experience, even before I decided to go backfor nusing, I vowed to never let the quality of my life decline because I hate my job. Hearing you talk about all these aweful things you experience at work was scary. Its not what a new grad who put in all this hard work trying to get through school the whole time thinking that the hard work will
    eventuLly pay off to only find that theres no jobs and even when i do find one im gonna be miserable just like i didnt want to be, wants to hear. Beleive me i dont anticipate a cake walk, i know its going to be tough but im looking forward to the little rewards. And dont feel bad bc the heads up about how ppl will back stab you because of the state of things right now, i hear you.thankyou. And im sorry things seem so sucky for you at work right now, hopefully things will change.
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    I just wanted to wish you luck on your search and your career. Don't give up. I wish you all the best life has to offer!
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    Wow, I thought I was reading my autobiography! I feel your pain... all those lost hours of "quality" time with family and friends because you had your nose crammed in some textbook. Oh, and the part about applying for an LPN job - tried that one and was told "Oh no, you can't work as an LPN once you receive your RN license" (even though I had an LPN license for 2 years and could re-activate it if I wanted to spend the $90) Hmmm better save that money for the light bill. I hate to sound crass but it really is a sad situation. Try to keep your chin up and as previously posted, try volunteering at a facility that you are interested in working. Sounds like a good networking tool -- I'm willing to try it! Besides, it beats leaving endless voicemails for recruiters that won't be returning your calls.
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    Hmm...I never thought about volunteering. I'll try that again...I used to do it in high school.
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    Not sure if this has been suggested yet, but given your writing ability maybe you want to use your free time to combine your nursing education with writing. I have my BA in Journalism and a family member who is a freelance writer (writes SCIENCE-related articles for major newspapers/magazines), and although the employment market for writers has, is, and will always be rough and underpaid, there may be some free lance or even internet/blog opportunities.

    Perhaps you can freelance for a magazine, paper, blog, or internet site that writes about the field or about science. Given your nursing/science background, you could even write articles reviewing new scientific studies/products/devices/hmos/the healthcare debate... Perhaps you will not make a lot of money, if any at first, but it will keep you busy, build your resume, and, perhaps, get you networking with some movers & shakers. I am from New York where this type of side-job would be ideal, but what with the internet I would imagine you could do this from anywhere. Perhaps the first step would be writing articles for your own blog, using this as a "portfolio" of your writing, and reworking a resume to focus on science/health care writing..I'm telling you, there is a market for this, and a freelance gig here and there would nicely supplement your income/resume and perhaps hone your research skills. Good luck!

    Oh and one more thing...Perhaps a nursing/science blog could garner some income from advertisers (nursing schools/online programs/devices/pharma/headhunters)...

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    I was in the same boat 16 years ago. I squeezed my way in. Now there are job offers galore. You'll get a job. Volunteering is a great idea.
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    There are only job offers galore if you have a YEAR of experience...
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    Hey all. Checking in with an update.
    I actually got a job! Woah! When they said be flexible and think of jobs you wouldn't really have considered before, they weren't kidding!
    I'm commuting out of state now to a psych job at a non-profit. Psych is third to last on my list of stuff I thought I would ever want to do, but number two was strip and number one was sell plasma/bone marrow/a kidney/other fluids at a Red Cross/hospital/New York public park/fertility clinic. And it doesn't seem that bad.
    Sure, I won't do this forever and most hospitals won't count it as "acute care experience", but it will let me to continue for another year my Night Train wishes and EZ Cheez dreams.
    I can't post too often. My idiot roommate shot his mouth off to staff and got our IP address banned and I've had to get [ahem] creative. Didn't know they could do that. But, he's still looking if anyone has a random nursing job laying around!
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    I am so happy for you!

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