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She wakes up almost everyday at 5 am to prepare our breakfast and her snacks while getting ready for hospital duty at 7 am. It is such a wonder how she looks so refreshing with less than an 8 hour... Read More

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    Zarinah, hang in there! If I can do it, you can do it. Let me explain.

    Last March, I interviewed for my nursing program. About an hour after I interviewed I was excited and pumped up with adrenaline. I took a pregnancy test just to make sure that everything was fine and to prove to myself that my life was back on track. After all, I was on my way to nursing school (at 31)! Nothing could stop me.

    Well, nothing stopped me, but something did slow me down. I learned I was pregnant with my third child. There was no way my husband was going to let me back out of this one. I decided that I would proceed with the nursing program anyway.

    The letter came informing me that I was accepted into the accelerated nursing program. This is a 13 month program for those who already have bachelor's degrees that now wish to get a BSN. I accepted.

    The first semester was not bad, relatively speaking. On two occasions I almost passed out at clinicals. I got winded easier than the others and ate more, but overall it was okay. My life consisted of caring for my daughters/being a wife/attending prenatal appts./studying. I was on autopilot. I even had the TV disconnected so I would devote all free time to studying.

    The second semester, now that was a different story. I'll be honest. Those were the hardest four months of my LIFE! And to top it all off, my baby was due on Halloween, a month and two week before the semester ended. I was taking 18 credit hours and doing several 12 hour clinicals a week. I swelled up so much because I was always on my feet. My legs looked like tree trunks! My daughter and husband had to shove my shoes on my feet while I sat there and cried from the pain plus the prospect of facing another 12 hour day at the hospital. As bad as that was, though, I wanted to keep the baby in there as long as possible to finish as many assignments as I could before the baby was born. This way, I would have less to do later. In addition, my husband only got two weeks off from his job, and even with the upcoming Thanksgiving break, I still had three weeks left to cover (to find someone I trusted to care for my baby) and finals to study for and take. I remember giving myself permission to finally "let go" after my last patho/pharm test (almost a week after my due date passed) and relax. That night, after I received my grade, my water broke.

    A clinical group of my peers happened to be at clinicals at the hospital when I was in labor. About 13 of them stopped by to say hi. That cheered me up a lot! I turned in a 40 page paper to my instructor at that time. (I just needed to be done with it!) On Nov. 07, 2007, my 9 lb., 4 oz., 22 inch baby boy was born. It is hard to believe I lugged him around clinicals with me! Interestingly enough, another girl had her fourth son five days before me. If we could do it, you can too.

    I am now in my last full semester. It is still busy (trying to cram two years of curriculum into about one year), but it is a breeze compared to last semester. As I type this, I look down at my beautiful sleeping son in my lap in his light blue "sweet pea" gown and I would not change a thing. Really. I am proud of what I have done. We lost four people out of our program so far, and I (knock on wood) am here to stay. If all goes well, in about six months, I will be a second career Registered Nurse).

    You can do it. Believe in yourself.
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    well isn't that the truth. thank you for enlightening us of the hard work it takes to be a successful nursing student. the perservearence to start the same routine day-in and day-out is truely short of a miracle in light of the few hours of sleep, lack of good nutrition, and lack of a social life that a nursing student must endure.

    i loved this article so much that i am sharing it with my collegues.

    since i'm an older student, the pain and suffering is multiplied by two.
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    Story of my life. Thank you
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    Thank you for your beautiful comments. You can share it to other nursing students as well. True, the suffering and hard work not only doubled but tripled for those who have family and are matured (I have a classmate that wouldn't like to be called old ). Now that I am graduating, i feel like a walking zombie almost everyday, ready to sleep anytime.

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