cscc or mount carmel

  1. I got accepted to cscc's associate nursing program for this spring. I also applied to mount carmels advance placement nursing program that starts in the summer. If I'm accepted to mount carmel, where do you all suggest for me to go? I heard cscc's program is excellent and ill get an associates degree. But with mount carmel I can get a bachelors in 5 semesters. I know it's expensive at mount carmel though. Can I get your opinions??? Thanks!!
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  3. by   birdie22
    I'd go with Mount Carmel. You will have your BSN, which will be better down the road in terms of employment. My 2 cents - regardless of where you go to school, work as an aide while in school. It might be harder, but you will definitely have more job opportunities when you are done with school. Columbus (and the rest of Ohio) is saturated with nursing schools and you need every edge you can get.
  4. by   bellehill
    I agree with birdie22, go with the BSN and work as a tech. Nursing jobs are very competitive in Columbus.
  5. by   Selhadi7
    So I shouldnt think about the money? I work at Mt Carmel in registration and have been for 3 yrs. I have a sis who got her ADN from Cotc and is currently working on masters. I have another sis who graduated from Mt Carmel and tells me she is still paying over 35000 after being a nurse for 8 yrs. They both make nearly the same amount of money.... With all this info, would you guys still say Mt Carmel? Don't get me wrong, I'd loove to finish with a BSN from MCCN, but just want to make sure that I make a smart decision.
  6. by   birdie22
    I still think its the right decision. Unfortunately a good education costs A LOT of money in this country. You sister who has the ADN/working on her MSN - she had to of gotten her BSN somewhere in the middle of that and the master's degree itself is expensive. So think about what you want in the future - if you want to go for your masters, I'd start with the BSN (less time in school). If you only want an ADN/BSN (fact: you WILL need your BSN as a minimum in the future because that's what hospitals are requiring), then maybe it would be cheaper that way. Also, since you are already in the Mt Carmel system, I'd try and move on over to a PCA job. You will be more confident in your nursing skills/being with patients when you start nursing school.
  7. by   NENE RN
    I would say go with the ADN just because it is cheaper. And if Im not mistaken Mt Carmel is starting a rn to bsn program. Let them pay for it so that you wont own so much when you finish. I finish in September and hope to get a job at MC since I am currently there as a tech. I would also try to get atleast a casual position as a tech/pca so that you do become comfortable with patients.
  8. by   msnurse14
    The final choice is yours but I would go for a bachelor's. If you think about the economy, a lot of employers are preferencing bachelors over an associates, especially for new grads. I went to Mount Carmel and graduated in 2006 and I didn't owe 36000..there may be more to that story. I have many friends in the Columbus area and the job market is hard for new grads even if you are a nurse. You should do whatever you can to give yourself an edge in this job climate.