Critical Healthcare Registered Nursing Services?

  1. Does anyone have experience with this company? I am applying for a part-time position to supplement my income. They specialize in home IV infusion therapy, among other things.
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  3. by   bsrn0523
    i am curious about them as well....
  4. by   pagandeva2000
    I know of a Criticare in the NY area, but don't know if they are affiliated with the company you have just mentioned. I didn't work there myself, but friends that have told me they were satisfied. I didn't bother to apply myself because I am already signed up with three other agencies and I was a bit turned off because they have an on line exam and I didn't feel like stressing my brain at that time to do one. Again, not sure if it is the same people.
  5. by   jess41378
    This may be a very late reply, but I currently work for them and have no complaints. They pay very well also. I love home infusion nursing.