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I recently saw an add for renewing your CPR certification online, and it being widely accepted at a lot of facilities. What are y'alls thoughts about this?... Read More

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    Not that you are really interested in an answer, but evidence, even as long ago as when I was a boy scout and 12 years old, showed that the correct order was circulation, airway, breathing. that's a start, I'm not looking for conflict, just a clue that someone understands. I have several more examples. As an aide, consider why Dr. Heimlich refused to have his name associated with various maneuvers.
    You bring up an excellent point in that people in CPR classes tend to accept at face value that someone went out there in the field and conducted a de facto comparison of different methods of resuscitating the individual in cardiac/respiratory arrest. I wonder if they factor into these "evidence based" practices how recently the provider certified them, as unless a person has occasion to use CPR at their workplace they tend to forget it over time.

    I just checked out of curiosity the history of the Heimlich Maneuver, and I couldn't find anything stating that Heimlich refused to allow his name to be associated with any maneuvers, and more likely the AHA dropped the name because of Heimlich's insistence that the manuever was the most effective way to expel water from the lungs of drowning victims, which flew in the face of clear evidence that abdominal thrusts used on a drowning victim cause them to vomit and aspirate whatever comes up. He has a number of other wonky ideas such as using malaria to treat HIV/AIDS.

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    Here's a link to the AHA's journal Circulation. You will find many articles for the ongoing research they are affiliated with to provide the best evidence based practices for the present.

    Excellent site! Thank you!
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    Well said, and thank you for a sincere, well though-out reply! The value in exchanging ideas here is that we get to check ourselves.

    The official reasons for the disuse of the term "Heimlich maneuver" may well be as you stated, I trust your integrity. Those of us who have encountered situations where the maneuver was required, most likely, know that blind sweeps are not a good idea. I learned that as a Boy Scout, when I was 12 years old. At the time it seemed to make sense. Too many years later, I'm pleased to see that the AHA also sees that the idea is not in the best interest of the patient.

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