1. 0 I let my CPR lapse, the facility new this when I was hired. Somehow I fell threw the cracks and it's now to everyone's attention that I'm outdated. The next class is next month. I'm worried about my license, is this a requirement for Texas BON for my CPR to be up to date? I called them and left a message, they said it can take up to 5 days to answer. I was just wondering if anyone new? Believe me my facility does not care about my license, they only care about themselves, I know they would let me work putting myself in jeopardy.
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    It's generally not a requirement of the state BON, but rather the facility itself. Wherever I've worked, a nurse has not been allowed to go back to work until she has a valid BLS card. You may have to go to an outside vendor to get your BLS certification, rather than wait for the hospital's class.

    ETA: my husband, a hospice nurse, is not required to maintain a BLS certification by any employer he's ever worked for.
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    Update, the BON did called me, they said its not required for my license. Thanks I feel better!
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    I have a RN license and need it for my work, and am never in a patient care setting where I would be expected to do CPR. I used to be an ACLS Instructor Trainer, and now I don't even have a curent BCLS card. And the BoN doesn't care a bit.

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