Confused unemployed Nurse seeks for advice!

  1. hi as for intro im one of unemployed nurses in philippines and hoping for job abroad. im conflicted of where should i go. honestly i really want to go to us, but then some people told me that its hard to have a nurse or hospital job there (please is there a nurse from us who can straight things up about this cause i really want to know thanks), and then new zealand opportunities came.. but unfortunately i don't have hospital experience yet like i wasn't been hired for almost 3years now and ive been doing trainings (the controversial thing going on,where i should be paying to be trained). and i was informed that i should have at least 2years experience to be qualified, which is very frustrating. but then i attended this orientation from a consultancy, and they said that having 6mos. volunteer work is fine but my question is is it legal or is it atleast acceptable or true??? im like winded to them because i can have an opportunity (although im not sure yet) of having a job, actually a risk taking since i dont know if they are just saying those very convincing things so they can have our money. in addition to that they told me that i can easily have a job after the cap, is that as easy as it is?? they made it sound so easy.

    to end this up, please can someone get through my confusion? can you give me advice where should i go?
    i just want some advice/opinion esp from those people who went thru all these things. im aware that being on foreign land is not easy, and i need to think and make a proper decision. once you're there you cant step back easily.

    thank you!!!
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  3. by   yehboy
    hi phi'sgf! the market of new grad nurses here in US right now is pretty bad. there's a lot of unemployed RNs.. you should have atleast 1 yr of exprnce in order for you to get a job in a hospital.. and another problem is that you're out of work for 3 years now which will make it harder for you to get in.

    i hope this will help you.
  4. by   caroladybelle
    Please review the many many threads in the International/Philippines forum designed for these inquiries.

    Unless you currently hold a Visa that permits you to legally work in the USA, you are in for a long wait - some have been waiting 4-5 years to immigrate to the USA with no end to the wait in view. This is due to retrogression.

    Some attempt to shorten the wait by illegal means, which ICE has been cracking down on strictly. Others try to get an H1B Visa, which are available but in very short supply and does not guarantee long term employment. H1B also requires specialty experience, which you do not have.

    Given that there are thousands of experienced and new grad US nurses that have not been able to find employment, some up to several years of being unemployed, most facilities cannot justify to the government hiring an immigrant, much less one with little experience. And without that justification, it is difficult to get work permits.

    Good Luck to you with your endeavor.
  5. by   caliotter3
    And be sure to note posts concerning the many agencies and others who take advantage of people in your circumstances. They will gladly take your money with false promises. Many have been cheated.