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    I'm planning on applying to Kennesaw State University's nursing school in about 1 year. Anyways, I'm currentley taking all my pre-reqs and other courses required to enter the program at a community college in Texas. My question is will an application from a community college ruin or decrease my chances in the school? My current GPA is 3.9 at the community college and I did pretty decent on my ATI/THEA test. Thank You!!
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    Every school is different and it is very hard to advise on this subject without sitting down with an actual advisor from the school. I am currently in the process of applying to Kennesaw myself and I have an ADN from a technical college. I was never under the assumption my path to BSN completion would be marred by having attended any particular college.

    Best of luck!

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    I actually met with a school of nursing advisor at Kennesaw not long ago! I already have a bachelors and masters in music and since I wasn't required to take a lot of science (music theory, yes, chemistry, no) I have a lot of reqs to pick up. She told me that a lot of their (nursing as a second career) students take their pre reqs at a community or technical college to save money before applying to Kennesaw. She said it's all about GPA and not where you took the classes. Just make sure the credits transfer!!

    Good luck and maybe I'll see you there!!!

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    oh ok. Thank You so much.
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    Do email your questions to Fran, the advisor. She is very helpful.

    My experience is that most people transfer in...
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    Fran is who I met with. She was extremely helpful. I emailed her the other day about something and got a very quick response.
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    So I can't figure out how to respond to your message you sent me but I have the info you wanted.

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