chelation therapy

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    i was recently hired to work in an alternative health clinic. they just got a new doctor and are trying to promote chelation therapy. i have been trying to do some research about the how-to's re: safe administration since i am not familiar with the procedure. is there anyone out there with any info.?
    one of the sites i read said the doctor should be on the premises at all times during chelation therapy. this doctor will only be coming to the clinic 2x / week and apparently will not be available on the other days. according to him the chelations are safe to administer without the doctor being on the premises. i am skeptical. any ideas?

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    Quick Question.

    What is chelation therapy?
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    good question. it is part of alternative medicine but is also used in conventional medicine. i am still learning. it is a tx used to remove toxic levels of metals from the body. it can be done via iv or po. some inconclusive studies have said it is beneficial in treating atherosclerosis and maybe alzheimers.
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    I worked at a chelation therapy clinic here in the mtns. of Va. for three years.. it was run by a leading cardiologist who has since opened another and main clinic in Washington state. Our clinic is still here and going strong.

    It was very interesting and very rewarding. I can say that I firsthand observed the many beneficial effects of this therapy on our patients and only wish it would finally be approved here in the US... but obviously cardiac surgeons stand much to lose, if this were to happen ($$).
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    The American Heart Association has a position statement on chelation therapy, and does not support it. You can read the fulltext of their stand here:
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    That's old news. They have NEVER supported it and will fight it tooth and nail for as long as they can. As stated before, they stand to lose a LARGE chunk of their business if they were to ever acknowlege the benefits of chelation therapy.

    But that's my own humble opinion... as said... I observed with my own eyes the VERY obvious improvements... as well as the labs.

    Not to speak of what the patients themselves noted ...

    Won't argue this... I know everyone has their own opinion ... just thought I'd throw mine in there as well.
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    I don't want to argue about it either but it is disingenuous to suggest Doctors are 'only in it for the money' and the chelation folks aren't.
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    Except that chelation costs a mere pittance compared to open heart surgery.... with far less trauma to the patient. So yeah... I'd say the surgeons have plenty of reason to fight this.

    Again, just my opinion here.
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    Of course, open heart surgery is not the only treatment for atherosclerosis.

    Chelation claims to treat many ailments.

    Healthy net claims:" If arteries could be kept supple, prevented from hardening and narrowing, the free flow of blood would be assured and both the risk of a rapid degree of ageing as well as many diseases associated with age - such as forms of cardiovascular degeneration, athero- and arteriosclerosis, peripheral circulatory dysfunction, some types of kidney disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular accidents and premature senility as well as, in many instances, cirrhosis and kidney disease .."

    Dr Cole claims: Improved circulation
    Reduction of liver produced cholesterol
    Lowered insulin requirements in diabetics
    Reduced high blood pressure
    Normalization of cardiac arrhythmias
    Relief from leg muscle cramps
    Reduction in allergic symptoms
    Normalized weight
    Improved psychological and emotional status
    Enhanced sensory performance
    Fewer excessive heart contractions
    Lessened varicose vein pigmentation
    Lightened age spots
    Fewer aches and pains - arthritic and otherwise
    Less reliance on pain medication
    Hair loss stopped and reversed
    Reversal of impotence
    Alzheimer symptoms reversed
    Reduced need for diuretics
    Cold extremities warmed
    Chronic fatigue syndrome overcome
    Memory and concentration improved
    Post-cataract vision loss restored
    Skin, hair, nail improvement

    Those are some mighty big claims, and that's just the first two that popped up!.

    I could go on, but I'll spare you. I'm saying extraordinary claims require (even ordinary) proof. There is not proof that chelation therapy helps in any way. There is lots of proof that chelation can be harmful, even fatal. Of course, one would have to be 'open minded' to look into it.

    Interestingly, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, a division of the National Center for Health is doing a 5 year study on chelation therapy (link: I'm afraid it will be bad news.

    It's odd that it takes 'established medicine' to find the time and interest to prove or disprove the claims of chelation. Why haven't the Alp proponeents done this? Because they can't.

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