1. Hello fellow nurses!
    I have been a working nurse for a year and am looking to move to a larger hospital. Though I work in the medical ICU now and take every class offered to me, I'm still looking to beef up my resume because I know the competition is tough. I am going to a nursing conference in January, but I was hoping to find some certifications I could get! I know the NIH cert you can do online and is free, so I'm definitely going to do that! Are there any other free (or less expensive) or really worth-while certifications I should look in to?! Any suggestions?!? (I know I am not yet eligible for CCRN). Thank you!
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  3. by   rtx723
    Hi lilcampy

    Assuming you've worked one year at 36 hours per week will equal 1728 hours. Eligibility requirements for the CCRN is 1750 hours. You are most likely eligible to sit for the exam.
  4. by   HouTx
    Agree - if you intend to remain in critical care, go for your CCRN. If you aren't already ACLS, get that also.