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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am looking for a nursing job and many of the nursing jobs require some sort of certification i.e bls, acls/pals, and etc. While I do have the basic certifications, does anyone have a list of the certifications? Or a website that has the list?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   applesxoranges
    BLS for those certifications but keep in mind that many places will want you to have your RN or be close to the end before they will teach you if you aren't a paramedic/RT/etc. Make sure you sign up for a new provider and not a renewal class.

    ACLS stands for Advance Cardiac Life Support
    PALS is Pediatric Life Support
    NRP neonatal resuscitation program

    There is way tooo many to list and really you can get certified in almost anything. Here's a bunch that I don't remember the official names:
    There's a burn one
    PHTLS Pre-hospital trauma life support
    TNCC - Emergency room, not sure on the requirements. We send new nurses through it.
    CCRN - Critical care but you need so many hours.
    ITLS - international trauma life support
    PEPP - pediatric life support. I think this is more for pre-hospital

    Wound care certifications

    The main ones I'd aim for in general ACLS, PALS if you want ER or work with peds, and BLS. Then depending on what you want to specialize, I'd go from there. In reality, most places do not require you to have ACLS and may not even pay for it if you're med-surg however critical care areas will require ACLS and potentially PALS. I know PACU usually requires ACLS and PALS.