Can i have a social life while in nursing school - page 2

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  1. by   cubangirl
    you should be very careful with time managment. I saw a lot of people fail out of school because they did not want to make the extra effort of cutting down their social activities. I think the key is to try to study everyday, that way the material will not accumulate. That is what I did and got straight A throughout nursing school. Good luck!!!!
  2. by   Nurse Salt
    I read, studied, and reviewed a TON during the week so I could have my weekends free. This worked very well for me and I actually had more of a social life during school than I do now!!!
  3. by   NursingStudent-Tati
    thanks alot for all of ur answers..they are very helpful..yes i guess i will have to c wut will work for me wen i start classes..i like the idea of studying hard everyday so that i can have a few hours of free time on the i mentioned at least saturday nights..i understand that i will have to minimize my social life, like i use to go out dancing alot but lately i dont even do that anymore.. i guess its also because i have a serious boyfriend and we usually just go to the movies or do something relaxing, and when i was taking chemistry i also minimized that because i had a difficult time with that class and i wanted to focus..i had a chinese professor who was hard to understand and pretty demanding and i would go to tutoring saturday mornings.. During the week i have always been pretty much busy with school and the gym, this started wen i was in college, because my senior year i had so much free time and he wasn't in school then, i wouldnt c my bf during the week and he was pretty much busy with work and school, we only saw each other on fridays and saturdays at the time, because some sundays i spent focusing on chemistry if i had a test coming up that week..n it helped that most sundays their was a game on, hes a big sports fan, so that kept him busy lol.. oh yes i am also a slow learner, sometimes i have to put a little extra effort to get the material, i dnt always get it right away, especially wen the material is difficult, but i dont like to give up until i understand..anyway im glad that i have an understanding bf, he understand how important school is and im glad hes back in school going for an accounting degree.. we both have goals we want to attain and we support each other