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What are you facilities call off policies? I think my work stinks, if we call of more than 3 times in a rounding year we either get a verbal or written warning, or suspended if it's more than 5. The only exceptions are if you... Read More

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    Ours is similar to the OP. I actually like it. My last job was so lenient about calling in and showing up late. People horribly abused the system and nothing was done. Those of us who actually showed up to work got messed over and taken advantage of. I didn't respect my bosses or the company since they didn't seem to care. I'm grateful to be out of there.

    For us, our call off time is done in occurences, so if you're sick for more than one day in a row and call off, it only counts as one call off, not multiple.

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    Up to three incidents in a rolling 6 month period, the 4th one gets you a verbal warning. We do have the benefit though, that if you're scheduled to work 'x' number of days in a row & you call off for all those days, it only counts as one call off/absence.

    Any time you call in, you're forced to use your paid leave/vacation time, to cover the hours. Which I hate.
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    It has been my experience that although "sick time" is a "benefit" most non union facilities "allow" 3 ocurances in 6 months with diciplinary action up to and including termination if there is a "pattern" of behavior. (like weekind calling) Union facilities have PTO or paid time off of up to 15 days a year in addition to vacation time.

    Can I hear a call for Unions?
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    My job has a pretty liberal policy (they call it no-fault because for whatever the reason you are not penalized unless you go over the maximums). The rule is 3 in 30 days=write up on the 3rd. 4 in 90 days=write up on the 4th, 7 in 120 days=write up on the 7th. It is pretty liberal so people call in kind of a lot. Calling off for 2 consecutive shifts (even if there are days in between that you are off)=1 occurrence, if its more than 3 consecutive shifts you need a Dr.'s note to return.

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