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Call Off Policies? - page 2

What are you facilities call off policies? I think my work stinks, if we call of more than 3 times in a rounding year we either get a verbal or written warning, or suspended if it's more than 5.... Read More

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    My job has a pretty liberal policy (they call it no-fault because for whatever the reason you are not penalized unless you go over the maximums). The rule is 3 in 30 days=write up on the 3rd. 4 in 90 days=write up on the 4th, 7 in 120 days=write up on the 7th. It is pretty liberal so people call in kind of a lot. Calling off for 2 consecutive shifts (even if there are days in between that you are off)=1 occurrence, if its more than 3 consecutive shifts you need a Dr.'s note to return.