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When becoming a hospice nurse I was asked several questions. The toughest was how I would deal with the death of a child. I didn't quite know how to answer the question. I wanted the job, but couldn't imagine accepting a... Read More

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    This is a poem I wrote for my Brave little soldier boy a few days before he passed. It was printed out on paper with clouds on it, and then framed with a mat. All of the hospice staff signed the mat and put a short message on it for him in all different colored markers. He loved it and his eyes lit up so brightly when I took it to him. I read it out loud for him, after getting permission from his mom. I held his hand in mine as I read it. I told him it was okay to go ahead and be with Jesus that his whole family would be okay. He was always so worried about upsetting them and making them cry. He just smiled slightly and nodded his head, then asked if I would put it on the table at the foot of his bed so he could always see it. He passed a few days later and his mother displayed it at his funeral next to his pictures and awards. That was one of the greatest honors I have ever received. I just wanted to share it with ya'll.
    Soldier Boy
    Mighty and strong little man,
    Forever smiling football fan.
    Tough little soldier boy,
    You have brought us all so much joy.
    Heaven awaits you with doors open wide,
    Embrace the Lord Jesus when you get inside.
    Wonderfully brave little soldier boy,
    Hugs and kisses are sent your way as we say our good-bye.
    You are leaving us for much greater things,
    Losing you will be sad, angels will sing.
    We will miss you, but to your memory we will cling.
    Each of us has been forever changed by you,
    Christ brought you to us to better what we do.
    Forever ride Harleys on streets of pure gold,
    Never forget the memories that we hold.
    Go fishing in seas of deep blue,
    Everything about you is so pure and true.
    Remember Robbie, your hospice family will forever and always love you!
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    aye aye aye another one of your stories made me cry! your a great writer, great nurse and have had some great life experiences
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    beautiful, couldnt even read it out loud with out crying, very touching
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    Quote from NurseAlwaysNForever
    The toughest was how I would deal with the death of a child.
    Sounds like you had a great teacher! thanks for writing, don't ever stop. You are good.
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