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As the new semester of school starts, there are so many out of pocket expenses nursing students endure before any scholarship or financial aid is dispursed. I personally, and many other nursing students are unemployed and raising... Read More

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    You've gotten great advice here just wanted to add: compares prices at popular sites for used books like half, amazon, and textbooks 'r us. Textbooks 'r us is nice because you can buy from their corporation directly (not from an independent seller like at Always check the quality of the seller before you buy used and give yourself enough time for shipping and snafus (so order now - books are rarely more than $20 on these sites if you are willing to purchase the previous edition). I always bought older editions, just compare with a classmate who has the current edition so you are sure you aren't missing anything. In the entirety of my career, there was a single diagram which the older edition was missing, I simply photocopied from a classmate.

    For classes like OB and Peds, I borrowed from the library (I knew I would never need them for reference). If your campus library doesn't have an older edition to check-out available - you can often times use the reference copy and photocopy what you need. There were also copies available in our lab, this was great because the newer edition had the CDs and "My Lab" type inserts available (the one drawback to buying used). If you do not have them in lab, buddy up with someone in class that owns the current edition.

    Explore the resources at your college for other expenses ... There were donated uniforms, stipends for stethoscopes, emergency funds, through our nursing program. It does not hurt to ask.

    All the best to you.

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    Do you have any friends that are nurses that still have their books? I borrowed several books from a friend that graduated a few years before I started. Most of the books were 1 or 2 editions old, but they were almost identical (Maybe a few new pictures or diagrams). Buying older editions would be alot cheaper too, and again, have the exact information. As for all of the study guides and other stuff, unless they actually check to see if you bought them, maybe you should wait to see if you need them to study with. Some people are able to study just fine with the textbooks. My most important books were the Med/surg books, drug guide, and nursing diagnosis book. My program "recommended" tons of other books that were not needed.

    Good luck with NS. Btw, check with state programs. I'm in NC, and I know they will give you a decent amount of money for nursing school if you agree to work as a nurse in NC after you graduate.
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    That advise to borrow books from the library just might work. I just did that in Microbiology. I kept it out the whole semester and returned it when the class was over. That saved me over 110 dollars.
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    I have always bought my books on EBay, but our instructors have put heavy emphisis on the most recent editions, so we have to buy the newest ones, and those can still be pricey even on and EBay. At my CC,if we have financial aid coming through in October, they let us buy our books from the Campus Bookstore on credit, and add later reemburse the Bookstore when the Aid comes through. Without this, I couldn't afford my 11 books this semester! Checking hte library's edtion is alwasy helpful, and using the buddy system helps as well. find a friend you really trust, and split the cost of the books, and then share them.Just my 2 cents
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    e-bay, amazon used books and other used book sites on the internet have GREAT deals. wish i could help you out. but i am currently using all my books. good luck.
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    Just wanted to add Craigslist!
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    check the library often.

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