Blue food coloring in tubefeeding - page 2

For many years blue food coloring has been used around KC, and I'm sure many other places as well. Personally, I have never thought it was very realiable. What are you doing in your facility?... Read More

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    I finally got a chance to talk to the np who get the hospital policy on dye changed. She said the change was not based on research at all but that for years they had questioned the use of the dye because its purpose was to tell if the patient had aspirated and it had no theraputic use and they could tell by x ray if they had aspirated the article about the deaths she said was in Krane's weekly business report but i could not find it the other impliucation was that it was a good median for bacterial growth.

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    Once I had a patient with the blue food coloring feeding hanging and the pump fell off the IV pole along with the feeding. THe lucky part was that it was not hooked up to the patient at the time. I just helped take care of a patient that had blue coloring drainage around his PEG tube site and they d/c'd it right away because the tube wasn't in the right spot. I believe that if the feeding wasn't colored, it wouldn't have been caught right away.

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