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Am I the only one having problems finding a pair of underwear that do not show when I bend over a patient or ones that dont leave a major panty line? What kinds of panties work with scrubs?... Read More

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    I wish some girls from my work would read this thread. I am FOREVER telling someone who just bent over in front of me "I can see the stripes (butterflies, polka dots, etc) on your uns." It makes me CRAZY. We have a nurse that is about 4'10" and her butt (I'm not lying) is at LEAST 30" wide. She wears see thru scrub pants with the biggest boldest patterns. That being said, a BLACK thong with your see thru orange scrubs isn't going to work and neither is your black bra (especially if you are pregnant).

    I agree with all the posters who said flesh colored uns with "boy cut" legs. My problem is finding uns that are tall enough so that my belly isn't cut in half and causing an nasty line.
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    cotton bikini from VS is all I have ever worn. very comfortable for those long 12 hour shifts..
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    this might be crazy but my clinical scrubs are so thin that i wear black, cut off leggings, the kind that end right below your knees, under my pants, along with underwear of course. works great, keeps my pants up instead of falling down (no matter what size i got these scubs seemed to keep falling down), it doesn't get too hot, and you cant see any panty lines. i just feel so much more "secure" with the leggings.
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    How about nothing.

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    id have to say boxers haha

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