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Becoming an ICU nurse

  1. 0 I have worked med-surg for the past 4 years, and have loved it. I am currently a med-surg charge nurse and getting to the point where i need a change. I feel like the unit i have been on, while home, and I are going in different directions. The push is entirely on patient satisfaction, and while i acknowledge its importance i feel there is more emphasis on this than providing safe and quality care which is where my heart lies. So i've decided i want to try to go back to floor nursing in the ICU. I went to school to help sick people, not play concierge. I am getting my ACLS but want to know what else I can do to be a good candidate without having prior ICU experience. i do not have any Tele experience but within the next couple of years we will become a monitored unit. Should I wait it out until I have tele experience or apply now? TIA for any advice.
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    I think you should go for it now!!!!!!!
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    Tell them you'll float there whenever it's possible; meet c the nurse manager and offer to be part of her float pool with the understanding that they'll give you the least-sick patients waiting for transfer to stepdownYou'll still learn something, have great opportunities for observation, and get yourself known.
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    Go ahead and sign up for your EKG class too if possible.

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