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Army vet billed $3,000 for war wounds - page 3

(CNN) -- Erik Roberts, an Army sergeant who was wounded in Iraq, underwent his 13th surgery recently to save his right leg from amputation. Imagine his shock when he got a bill for $3,000 for his... Read More

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    Lamazeteacher you have come up with a great idea. I have often thought that having serving Military medics/corpsmen working part of their work week in a civilian hospital would provide a great experience that cannot be taught. I knew very little about chronic illness, peadiatrics or gerontology until becoming a nurse, yet if the situation arose as a medic I was expected to treat conditions/populations that by training I was unfamiliar with.

    We don't have a VA system in Oz but I can see the benefits you propose.
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    Does anyone have any stories/info to share about areas or organizations in which a synthesis of military and civilian nursing has been implemented?