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Are Any CNA Courses Offered Online?!

  1. 0 I need to take a CNA course as part of my prerequisites for a RN program. I need to get a certificate, but I do not need to be certified by the state. The school said they would accept an online course but didn't have anywhere to direct me. Thanks. :spin:
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    I HIGHLY doubt that there is. CNA is pretty much hands on in the clinical environment, and you’ll need to do procedures in front of your instructor and be checked off on them in order to even be eligible to take the certification test. I was an aide before I went to nursing school. It’s great experience, hard work though.
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    Thanks for your reply. Will I need to take the test if I don't need the state certification but only the certificate?! Not sure what the difference between the two is. Also, how long were you in school for?! I am having trouble finding a course close to where I live. Thanks again.
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    i have not ween this addressed before
    if i was making guess i would say that perhaps the certificate that you are required to have would be a paper stating that you have shown proficifiancy in performing patient care
    how you can show this online is a little fuzzy
    a cna has required hours in a training course and has taken a test given by state officials
    i would check the crenditials of the school that you are signing up for, it may be that if they are cutting corners here they may cut corners elswhere too
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    If you’re not required to be certified, no you won’t need to take the test. Call local nursing homes, a lot offer CNA classes (that’s usually how they stay staffed.) Also check into vocational schools. Training can sometimes be done in as little as two weeks. My mother used to teach CNA classes, and some were 6-8 weeks long. Depends on how many hours your state requires as well.