Anyone work in a pre-admissions testing department? Anyone work in a pre-admissions testing department? | allnurses

Anyone work in a pre-admissions testing department?

  1. 0 I have been out of direct patient care for some time now (8 years), but just (finally) landed an interview next week for a position in "Pre-Admissions Testing." Can anyone tell me about this type of department?
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    I don't work in this area but I've shadowed in it. It's probably a great place for you to return after such a long time out of nursing. For each patient, you'll get a set of baseline vitals, do a general assessment, draw any labs ordered, and coordinate any other testing ordered (e.g. X-rays or whatever). Also, you'll start the educational process for the periop experience. It will look and feel a lot like a visit to a doctor's office. Management will want to know that you can be efficient because they will have a maximum amount of time in mind for each patient. It can be repetitive, but that will give you the opportunity to get into a groove. You'll be able to ease your way back into understanding the disease processes, symptoms, and treatments. A good overall picture that you can take into whatever you'd like your next step in nursing to be. Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for the reply. Sounds like it would be a great place to get my feet wet...again.
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    Good thing I found a thread on this. I was curious to know what kind of nursing this was and what the job entails. I just applied for a per diem position at a pre-admission testing dept. at a fairly new hospital. Don't know if I'll even get the job since I only have 1.5 years exp in med-surg and ADN.