Anyone watching 'WWII in HD' on History Channel? Anyone watching 'WWII in HD' on History Channel? | allnurses

Anyone watching 'WWII in HD' on History Channel?

  1. 2 I'm a big war film buff anyhow so perhaps I'm biased, but this mini series is just fantastic! Mostly previously unseen original footage shot in color during the war. Every campaign is covered, it really puts into perspective how global the war really was. It also makes me realize that most Americans today have no clue what real sacrifice is. Several Veterans are chronicled in a biographical format, using the war footage to sort of reinact their story. One of the Vets is a nurse, June Wandrey, and her description of her duties will stop you dead in your tracks. Makes me think twice before complaining about a busy shift.
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    I have been watching it and find it incredibly fascinating. I am so impressed with how the young men coped and dealt with the war. And the nurse's story is impressive and touching. I agree it is a fantastic mini series well worth watching
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    My husband and I have been watching, too. It really does depict the gritty, cruelty of humanity that is war. I felt the same way - we have no idea what sacrifice really is. No wonder they're called "the greatest generation".
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    I started watching it last night...I love it!
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    I've caught bits and pieces between work It is really excellent.....makes you see the war in a whole new way
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    I have been watching intently! Coming from a military family, and being a vet myself, I have always been interested in military history. After seeing this on History Channel, I have to go out and find the box set.

    It is truly a shame how few people realize the sacrafices made by our service men and women, and their families. While I may not personally agree with every campaign our government has involved us in, I honestly believe it is because of our brave militaqry personell that we can freely express our opinion, choose our own career, practice our religion, and enjoy all the freedoms we have.

    For those of you who are enjoying this doccumentary, I would also suggest "America at War" It is a 14 disk set by the History Channel. It chronicals the history of America's wars from the revolutionary war all the way to the Iraq war. Also, if you haven't seen Band of Brothers, pick it up. Great stuff!!
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    I just started watching it last night. Both of my grandfathers were WWII vets and almost everyone in my family is/was in some branch of the military, including BOTH of my parents. I am fascinated to see the real footage. I feel like it's an honor just to be able to watch these brave soldiers on film. I almost feel its disrespectful to look at the clips of the wounded and fallen. It's crazy to see how young they all were. Last night I watched the scene from the battles at Iwo Jima. There was a clip of one soldier crying as he looked heartbreaking and moving. You really get to see the sacrifices these amazing men and women made. We owe them our freedom!!
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    Oh yes! I was so touched by the way the nurses were portrayed, their first hand recollections, etc. In the last episode where the RN got off the hospital ship in the USA, I almost cried.