Anyone take an online chemistry class?

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    I need two semesters of chemistry to get into the master's program I'm looking at and wondered if anyone took a chem class online w/success? I'd like to know which school and if there were/were not problems transferring the credits. Thanks!

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    The only issue you are going to run into is the lab portion. I have never found a chem class with the lab online. Here in DFW, our local community college offers sciences over the internet with labs on campus. Good Luck!
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    I've found classes that let you do lab experiments at home and also some that use virtual online labs.
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    I took an online Chem 1 class thru the University of Oklahoma's Independent Study program. The class I took also had labs online. Actually the labs were kind of fun to do and easier than my Chem. 2 labs because it was harder to make mistakes. Check out for a demo of the labs. O.U. doesn't actually own the website, they contract with this company to do it.

    Anyways, they also offer Chem. 2 but since I'm waffling back and forth between becoming a PA or becoming a nurse (and then eventually a NP) I needed some classes with actual lab time. I liked this course because I just had a baby girl a month before I started and the schedule was whenever I had time. I never actually set foot on the campus.

    I finished with an A in the course and thought it was a good foundation for Chem. 2. Just be prepared to be disciplined because as an online student YOU will be doing almost all the work. I actually took a month off (laziness) and asked for a deadline extension and got it. My "professor" was available via email but by the time I got an answer to a question I did some outside reading and got the answer already.

    I haven't found any online courses that included recorded lectures. You'd think that would be a no-brainer. But I did find plenty of Chem. I websites that gave alternate explanations when I didn't understand my textbook. I thought my textbook was good though.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions!
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    Thank you so much! I've taken online classes and love them. I want as little interference as possible w/my work schedule, so it's a great way to learn. I've also found my instructors to be very accessible and helpful. I bet they love not having to go to class to lecture, too! I'll check out U of O. Thanks again!
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    Here's the link to the courses offered: . Incidentally, what kind of master's program are you going to apply to?
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    Do you have to have two semesters period? or just organic and inorganic? I took one online that is organic, inorganic and biochem:
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    Quote from okgonzo
    Here's the link to the courses offered: . Incidentally, what kind of master's program are you going to apply to?
    I am currently worked toward a FNP with East Tennessee State Univ online. However, I'm probably going to change to ANP w/ a geriatric focus, which I might do on ground at the University of Tennessee. Work will pay for all of that. The online they will only pay 50%.

    Thanks for the link!
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    I am looking for an online bio class because I need to take chem, bio 130 and bio 132 which is A & P 1 and 2 to get into the Nursing Program but I have to have these done by Fall. I am so upset because I was told by someone at the college that I would not be able to apply to the Nursing program until 2013 if I don't have these completed by the end of 2011. Unfortunately I was told not to do the bio in the summer because it would be only for a month and that would be the only way I can do it. Also the chem would be a course for a month also. So the only way I would be able to do this would be to do the chem in May to June and the Bio from July to August and then take the bio 2 in the fall. But one of the counselors said it is cramming it in to quickly and most students fail it or drop it because it is hard to pass when it is done in the one month spand. So I was thinking are there any online accredited courses that anyone knows about? They have to be accredited by middle states though? Thanks Loriann
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    Quote from RN007
    I've found classes that let you do lab experiments at home and also some that use virtual online labs.
    Can you tell me where? Thanks Loriann

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