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We all know the horrible conditions many nurses work in, with numerous lying, gossipping, backstabbing, lazy coworkers and inept managers who can't tell who the good staff are. (My apologies to those... Read More

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    I think Tweety gets what I mean - that management has to change their view of a staff member that got on "the list". As the OP, what I am asking is if anyone has ever been able to get off the list once they were wrongfully put on that list. And if they have, how they managed to get off that list and stay off that list.
    Also, what some of us are saying is that you do have to do some self-analysis. "Why am I am this list? Is there something I can do differently to get myself off the list." Because you have more control over yourself than the manager.

    If you're on the list for no good reason other than your manager is a witch, then there probably isn't anything you can do.

    If the answer is "she thinks I'm disorganized and slow" then you have to take a look at how you do things to find out if it's justified.

    Face to face confrontation works very well also. A good book I've read is "Crucial Confrontations". It can be Googled. I got on my manager's bad side many years ago when she berated me in front of my coworkers for a couple of errors she thought I'd made. I then went behind her back to report her, and then she came back at me with another mistake she dug up. I was definitely on "the list". I really thought I was going to have to quit, but for some reason I just hung in there, working hard, trying to stay under the radar. I would have saved myself a some grief if I'd only confronted her face to face rather than go behind her back. Sometimes you have to do that, but direct face to face working out of a problem is best. As the years passed, she wound up promoting me to charge nurse, being very good to me in my evals and raises, scheduling etc. and we became close working collegues. I recently got a new manager, as she moved on, and I really miss her. If you'd told me 16 years ago we could have turned the situation around I wouldn't have beleived it. My presumption is that we would continue to catfight until I quit or got fired.