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Time and a half. No management. Patients/families almost grateful you're there. Am I the only that LIKES working holidays? :)... Read More

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    How antisocial am I? I like working holidays because I can get away from the rest of my family that way! shhhhhh!!!!!!
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    Quote from Sadala
    How antisocial am I? I like working holidays because I can get away from the rest of my family that way! shhhhhh!!!!!!

    And you can always play the "I've been mandated" card to get out of family functions at the last minute!
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    I like working holidays for several reasons. First, I know we won't have elective procedures so I need to bring a book to read. There seems to be a little bit more camaraderie between everyone who is working. Also, I can volunteer to take a holiday for a coworker who has young kids and thereby build up good will which may help me later when I need a day off.
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    It's amazing how EVERYONE at work wants to be my friend when the holidays come around.
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    When you have chosen to be a nurse, you have to be prepared to work during holidays. It may take your time away from family gathering but that is how the life of the nurse is. Whether it is a holiday or not, we have to be ready to help our patients.
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    It's quiet mostly during the holidays at work. Lots of the patients get discharged, transferred out of the ICU, etc. It's not so bad, especially since you get holiday pay. My hospital also gives you a free turkey meal! We also have a holiday party and everyone brings treats in. I work days/evenings 7am-7pm, so I still get to go home and spend time with my family for the evening.
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    We don't get paid extra for working holidays, so that's not an incentive. That aside, I don't mind working them. Biggest plus? No upper management.
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    I have no problem working holidays. Guess it's because small kids are no longer an issue. Once you get off the major holiday "merry" go round, you'll be so happy not to decorate and cook and have family over (if you can get away with it - varies year to year) that you will be thrilled to not even decorate! I promise. And I used to like to cook, etc. when I was in my 20's.

    I've been lucky to fly under the radar for a while now for xmas/thanksgiving ...till it was noticed. Now I have to do the bird this year. Not happy about it. If there is an opportunity to work, I'll do it to get out of dinner
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    We don't get holiday pay so that makes it suck.