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Hi there. So, my hospital recently bought the hospital less than half a city block away. I am now overseeing many areas within both facilities. The roads between the hospitals are public roads and we... Read More

  1. by   BittyBabyGrower
    You should have a policy and procedure on the books that outline this. Just like anything else. We only ground transport now and we have to be checked off on the ambulance every year, usually the drivers do it. You have to know emergency shut offs, where everything is, who to work everything in the back, where the emergency kits etc are, how to use the in rig phone. We always had to do this for the aircraft too, but that was regulated by the FCC.

    You should also have your own flowsheets and documentation, and sets of standing orders if there is not a doc with you. And don't forget permits to transport if the patient is awake and alert. Anytime you take them off hospital grounds you should have a permit signed. We have to have parents sign them before we even leave the other hospital or even our own.

    Carrying your own insurance is a good thing too.